This section will help you to understand Fast2 and how to use it. Here is a quick overview of each of them :

  • What is Fast2 ? : If Fast2 is new to you, start with this part. You will see in a few lines what Fast2 is built for.

  • Installation : You have downloaded Fast2 and want to know how to run it on your environment ? This section is dedicated to you.

  • Overall concepts : Fast2 uses basic concepts when it comes to processes but has its own terminology. Learn it in this section.

  • Create workflow : Everything that revolves around the map can be found here. You will know how to manage your workflows in a simple and efficient way.

  • Configuration : Settings can be the toughest part. You will see in detail how to configure tasks and for any kind of them (sources…). Rooting through links configuration will also be relevant. The server configuration part will also be in this section

  • Monitoring : Coupled to dashboards, Fast2 offers you the opportunity to create comprehensive and understandable reports.

  • Advanced : This section is mainly for users accustomed to Fast2 or looking to go further.