Build your own custom task !

Fast2 provides a Java API which you can rely on when building any custom task. If you are willing to either extract from an in-house storage system or load data, documents and annotations into an ECM not covered yet by Fast2, you won’t be limited by the standard range of proposed connectors.

And if all you are looking for is a regular task serving purposes complex or just not figured out yet by the off-the-shelf catalog, this same Java API will stick to your plan of action all along the development of such task.

Our teams will be pleased to answer your inquiries at and guide you throughout the overall process of building your own task.

Key advantages of teaming with Fast2

The connector will perfectly meet your needs: you definitely are the decider, but the actor as well.

You will work with developers well aware of connectors strategies and Fast2 API technical subtleties.

Two technical expertises will work together to achieve a common goal meeting your needs and Fast2 capabilities.

This will be an opportunity for you to get more into Fast2 and for us to learn more about your ECM systems.