ECM migration with Fast2

Effectively migrate your business-critical content to a modern ECM platform or the cloud without interrupting daily functions.

There are dozens of ECM platforms available, each with unique pros and cons. But whether you are migrating from Alfresco to Documentum, from FileNet legacy to FileNet Content Manager, from IBM to SharePoint, or simply looking to relocate content stored on file shares, the challenges with ECM migration remain the same. Organizations need a proven approach with a robust migration solution and partner to quickly, securely and accurately execute large-scale ECM migrations.

Fast2 helps streamline your ECM migration.

Challenges we solve:


Easily migrate from any number of content management systems, shared drives, business applications email storage, and more in just a few steps. Configure custom tasks to meet even the most complex business requirements.

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Migrate up to billions of documents in record speed, without interrupting business processes. Configure custom rules to migrate content all at once, or over time, based on individual business needs.

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Maintain end-to-end visibility over the migration process with advanced reporting capabilities to reduce the risk of human error. Track and monitor migration progress with advanced reports and easily ensure data security and content integrity.

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