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Stakes and challenges

Alfresco is the rising ECM platform worldwide, both OnPrem and SaaS. Alfresco can handle both small and large-sized repositories, even if injesting large content sizes can prove difficult. With more than 7 years of mass migrations related to this Content Management Solution, Fast2 has reach both performance and reliability when it comes to extract or load data.

On the techier side...

3 protocols are supported to inject documents into Alfresco :

  • REST (advised) : we are now proud to propose you REST connectors — best compromise between performance and ubiquity — , taking advantage of the latest Alfresco features.
  • CMIS : most widely spread, it is the easiest to set up, unfortunately at the cost of performance.
  • Bulk : best performance compared to the previous options, unfortunately quite constraining to set up, difficult to follow-up and unsatisfactory traceability.