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Need seamless migration of your documents ?

In a world of constant evolution, your company may be willing to update its ECM from a legacy environment to a higher performance infrastructure / system. However, due to platform compatibilities, this migration will raise constraints all along the process. Fast2 will take care of them all for you.

Fast2 is the ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) developed by Arondor with more than 10 years of field service to its credit. Focusing either on documents, annotations or metadata, and even more, Fast2 versatility gives rise to tailor made migrations thanks to its well-stocked catalog.

More uses can be made out of Fast2, such as backups (e.g. emails), archiving procedures, etc.

Where Fast2 will bring you…

The Fast2 suite includes a workflow engine particularly designed for mass migrations. This workflow is built from a wide catalog of tasks constantly evolving. Each task purpose is to carry out a simple step of the workflow while making it easy to use.

With an horizontally scalable architecture, Fast2 can manage complex and heavy loads. Its predilection domain comes close to billions of documents. For more empirical capabilities, see our use-cases.

Due to its design, one of the major objectives of Fast2 remains performance, saving you precious time during large migrations.

Discover Fast2 capabilities

Arondor, the company responsible of Fast2 development and support, is well aware of the stakes and complexity induced by a document migration. Whether your project needs to meet functional or technical aspects, Fast2 is designed for you to fulfill the necessary criteria for a successful migration.

Close to strategic partners, Arondor is committed long-term to ease of use. Once your migration is over, your content can be accessed from an CMS-embedded viewer. Here as well, Arondor preempts your needs : ARender is what you are looking for.


Treat high volumes

Fast2 enters into dealing with ECMs as a whole in order to migrate them. Therefore the volumes of documents and data implied into such operation are quite weighty. It is in this perspective that we developed Fast2, to suit any need our clients may have, starting from simple daily backups up to total and perfect duplication of in-place and complex infrastructures.

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Meet any requirement

As clients’ needs may consist whether in mass migrations or specific cases, Fast2 ensures both these aspects can easily be fulfilled, with a set of multiple off-the-shelf tasks covering a wide scope of work. But our tool goes even further, providing a standard API where custom tasks can be connected to. Fast2 limitations go way beyond what it needs to meet your requirements.

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Ensure completeness and consistency

Given the documents value and their significance, Fast2 guarantees both completeness of the migration (the new infrastructure matches the old in terms of usable resources) and consistency of the documents (content, metadata, etc). Moreover, it will deal at your will with security and confidentiality matters.

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Performance & planning

Shorten processing time

Although migrating heavy loads of data seems appealing, there would be no point in doing so if the elapsed time was not interestingly brief. This is one of the main concerns of any migration, that Fast2 answers with a highly scalable architecture making possible to significantly lower processing times. Over time, the time indicators sharpen to give you the most accurate expectations.

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Monitoring & traceability

Analyse and keep trace of your data

All along the migration, this ETL provides built-in features to perform dynamic data analysis, to help you reckon completeness rates, error occurrences and multiple other aspects regarding either the overall progress or metadata related specificities. Speaking of error occurrences, you will never be further than one click away to launch a failure recovery, thanks to the fault tolerant behavior of Fast2.

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Peter Van Den Noortgate

Peter Van Den Noortgate

Oct, 2019

Fast2 has helped a lot to achieve a FileNet migration from two large legacy/proprietary ECM systems. The project had strict business rules and a tight realization plan. The versatility of the tool, its achievable performances and monitoring aspects, have played a crucial role for this mass migration project. The whole was processed fast and silent for our business. Yet, for the ICT team involved, transfers were scheduled to run in the background with little supervision using adequate checkpoints for advancement and error management. Over 400 million records and 30TB of content have been successfully injected in FileNet.

Marouene Makhloufi

Marouene Makhloufi

Dec 2018

Arondor stepped in when we were needing a connector for our clients. The tech team’s responsiveness matched the short timeframe. Communications successfully ended up with a tailor-made connector within weeks.

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