Kibana add-on

Fast2 does not embed Kibana by default. However, you can get the kibana addon through the same portal you downloaded the Fast2 binaries. Once the archive is uncompressed, move the kibana-X.X.X/ folder to the root of Fast2.

Root folder with Kibana add-on

This hierarchy will make Fast2 automatically start your kibana.

You will still be able to disable Kibana by updating the config/ file :


Fast2 port

Fast2 application run on the 1789 port by default. To change this, add the parameters below if they are not already defined in the /config/ file:

  • broker.port=1789
  • server.port=1789

Put the same value for these two properties.

Kibana & Elasticsearch ports

Elasticsearch and kibana applications embedded by Fast2 are running respectively on the 1790 and 1791 ports by default. In case these ports are already in use, you will have to modify the kibana.yml and files.

Please make sure to update ports configurations when the services (Fast2, Elasticsearch and Kibana) are shut down.


Elasticsearch has to be reach from both Fast2 broker and Kibana module. If any Elasticsearch port had to be reconfigured to match specific needs, there is exactly 3 places where to mention this change:

File Specification
/config/ elasticsearch.port=<es-port>
/elasticsearch-7.6.2/config/elasticsearch.yml http.port: <es-port>
/kibana-7.6.2/config/kibana.yml elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://localhost:<es-port>"]


Changing the Kibana ports will happen in 2 places : the first one to start the add-on on another port, and the second to tell Fast2 when to fetch the visualizations.

File Specification
/config/ broker.kibana.embedded.port=<kibana-port>
/kibana-7.6.2/config/kibana.yml server.port: <kibana-port>

Fast2 memory usage

You may want to control max memory usage allowed (Xmx) for broker and worker. The file in the conf folder is configured by default to 1Gb for both resources.

Keep in mind that this property is designed for workers started from the binary|.bat. If your goal is to target the embedded worker, go to config/ instead.