Fast2 release notes - Version 2.5.0


Annotations - Caculate DPI from embedded image properties

Database - Switch from Elasticsearch 7.6.2 to OpenSearch 1.3.1

CSVSource - Performance optimization

CSVWriter - Support punnetId data at export stage

FileNet - Extract mutli-version from ContentExtractor task instead of Source

FileNet - Support querying items across multiple object-stores

OCR - Integrate Tesseract into builtin catalog

Spring Core & Spring Boot - Upgrade Spring version due to 2022-04 vulnerability

UI - Create campaign name based on map name

UI - Improve performance in RuntimeExplorer for large dataset


AWS connector - Encrypt credentials

Explorer - Support filters when downloading individual task results

Runtime - Support a larger number of Jobs for automated runs

Runtime - Handle large sets of punnets for retry-on-error feature

Runtime - Prevent tool to auto shutdown when Jobs are misconfigured

Annotations - Fix task behavior with “Create one annotation container per annotation” enabled when converting annotation from P8 to XFDF

New feature

FileNet - Support CompoundDocument type in connectors

SQL - Add new task dedicated to annotation operations