Fast2 release notes - Version 2.11.0

⚠️ Warning

Backwards compatibility issue concerning the database between 2.11.0 and other versions.

The backwards/upwards catalog compatibility remains untouched.

Wait for 2.12.0 or contact us.

What’s up ?

The 2.11.0 version offers new FlowerDocs and OpenText connectors !

The user experience is the priority of Fast2 team. Work has been done to give you:

  • Harmonious Email and Job places

  • Easier map construction with more information displayed

  • New name and icone for the configuration place

  • Cleaner Explorer Place

And much more !
Details below…

📺 Will be shown at the Release party - 2024 Q1



Homogeneous behavior when renaming with invalid map, campaign, job or email name

Solved Issue

Give access to 3rd party code from internet to Fast2 interface

Prevent jcmd not found to disturb broker starting procedure

Clean logback libs duplicates in workerlibs and worker package

Worker: Be sure it is embedded by default


New feature

New: FlowerDocs extractor

New: FlowerDocs injector

New: OpenText extractor


AlfrescoRestInjector: Create tree structures during content updating

AlfrescoRestInjector: Update properties of parent when content is moved in Alfresco

Annotations: Improve unit tests for annotation conversion

AWSSource or CSVSource: Handle corrupted headers for CSV files

Tesseract: Handle page rotation 📺

TesseractInvoker: Handle multiple documents in punnet

Solved Issue

CMSource: Support extraction of Custom Properties

CSV and AWS Source: NotCompliantMBeanException error was displayed in log

JSTransform: Encode properly special characters

OpenText Injector: Solve injection exception after 10'000 docs

OpenText Injector: No more concurrent-modification exceptions with multithreading

OpenText Injector: Punnets well processed in OpenText incremental injection

Wang annotations: Convert annotations placed at the edge of the page

Map construction

New feature

Task config: Bring patch version in UI 📺

Canva: Display the primary task name if renamed 📺

Shared Object: Improve save experience - Rollback the Save button


Map: Improve Default Map

Solved Issue

Canva: Changing the task type in config task changes the original name in task widget

Canva: Improved contrast of the original task name with Punnet Tracker highlight

Run & Explore Data


Campaign: Rename “Try” with “Run” suffix when executing

“Configuration place” renamed “Object Boards” and improved icon

Email: Add “Create” button to create an object and warn empty mandatory fields 📺

Explorer Place: Displayed only popular columns by default 📺

Explorer Place: Fetch all column values when select column in list

Scheduler job: Add “Create” button and warn when mandatory fields are not set📺

Solved Issue

Email: No more NPE during email parsing

Email: Same email can be created only once and no more delete issues

Email: Right toast message is displayed when trying to Create email with wrong typo

Explorer Place: No need to click twice on column to get available fields or sort the datatable

Explorer Place: No 2nd “Exception class” column appears when refreshing table

Explorer Place: Prevent “Document name” column to display when document has no name metadata

And other minor improvements…

🧐 Known issues to be fixed

Planned to be fixed in next releases

  • Scheduler: Job does not wait the end of campaign to start a new one when job action is START_AS_NEW (identified in v2.10.0)

  • Startup: Difficulties to do a cold restart after Fast2 crash (identified in v2.10.0)

  • Queues: Refresh Server Place displays empty queues table (identified in v2.10.0)

Lower priority

  • Catalog: Collapse with filter does not work with odd number of letters (identified in v2.9.0)

  • Retry punnets: Exception raised when doing a retry on task-n after a retry on task-(n+1) (identified in v2.9.0)

  • Logs: At Broker startup, ACR log level is debug (identified in v2.10.0)

  • Explorer place : only String-type data are searchable in the columns. punnetId and Date values are not usable.