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3 min read

Once Fast2 is installed, several components can be easily configured to adapt the software as much as your constraints might require.

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8 min read

Let’s talk about the workers The workers! Corner stones of Fast2, these guys can litterally add up and constitute a real digitized hive working to migrate your documents, your contents, your rules, your metadata, all synchronously, exactly where you expect them (or asked them to be), never stepping on each other.

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5 min read

Let’s talk about the patterns A pattern is a sequence of instructions, a model, which can be easily recognized by an aware glance.

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4 min read

Schedule your runs Fast2 has a module allowing you to schedule your next runs. This feature is accessible only through the run place.

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Custom modules

6 min read

Create your own custom task, why? You are no doubt aware of both tasks, the XSLTransform and JSTransform (checkout here for how to use the latter), which are quite handy for quick and light changes of the migrated data.

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Deployment variants

by Joseph TESSIER

9 min read

Context Let’s talk here about the various alternatives we have concerning the best way to install Fast2 for your migration. For the sake of simplicity, we will consider a migration involving an on-premise FileNet repository whose documents need to end up in a remote system : AWS S3 bucket.

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Setup for Documentum

2 min read

This section here is about the raw requirement to get the worker successfully communicate with a Documentum server, either for extraction or injection.

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Setup for IBM CMOD

2 min read

This section here is about the raw requirement to get Fast2 to communicate with an IBM CMOD server. 💡 Note The very first thing to do is check out the Content Manager OnDemand - Setting up the development environment documentation Store under the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable the path of the libs where the worker will have to look up for the CMOD libs (ex/ /opt/fast2/ondemand/V10.

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