Fast2 release notes - Version 2.8.0


UI : Prevent naming map with special characters

FileNet : Fix mismatching object-stores when disparity between task parameter and document object-store metadata

New feature

Worker : Spawn new worker from server place

Catalog : New UpdateSharedObject task to trigger update of shared object from campaign execution

Catalog : New OpenText injector


Catalog : Fix bugs when creating folders in Nuxeo

Catalog : Add exception option when results are empty

Annotations : Ensure that annotation identifiers are unique when converting from INI to XFDF, and minor fixes

Security : Fix breach when worker is shutdown or rebooted

Scheduler : Fix active job without a next execution time

Scheduler : Review Cron expression validation

Tesseract : Creates empty output files

Vulnerability : Apache commons library


Annotations Wang to XFDF : Support annotations from ImageRight environment

Annotations Wang to XFDF : Enhancements for conversion

Annotations INI to XFDF : Flag emails in exception depending on annotation types

Annotations INI to XFDF : Parameterizable highlight opacity value

Annotations INI to XFDF : Support application/ mimetype

Documentum : Support multi-version at extraction

OCR Tesseract : Improve processing performance speed

Nuxeo : support multi-version at injection

Explorer place : New shortcut to access processing items from run place

AlterDocumentContent : support content path with wildcards

DeleteContent : add option to also delete the content entry in Fast2 punnet

And other minor improvements.