Fast2 release notes - Version 2.6.0


Startup – Display success message in console when broker/worker correctly started

Worker – Support content sharing among several networks

JSTransform – Now supports path to file script

AWS S3 injector – Make destination filename pattern resolvable

AWS S3 injector – Support mutlicontent upload

Add-on – Switch from Kibana to opensearch-dashboards


Eml2Pdf – Fix freezing when document has no mimetype

AWSContentExtractor – Now accessible from the catalog

Broker – Prevent failure on startup when port 17896 is open

Worker – Fix logging system from startup file

Worker – Fix impossibility to be switched off once broker has stopped

Remote worker – Support content deletion with worker.content.factory=remote

Shared Objects – Force unique names with scope prefix (‘M_' for map-scoped, ‘G_' for global-scoped objects)

New feature

Support Spring’s @Autowired annotation for fields in tasks and sources for custom modules

SQLContentSource – Support blob and clob formats for file creation

Image conversion – Support BMP format for PDF conversion