Fast2 release notes - Version 2.4.7


Memory management - List of queued punnet Ids shall overflow to disk

UI - Add number separator for thousands on task counters at runtime

UI - Popups homogenization

FileNet - Prevent extraction of contentless annotation

MoveContent - Support file move between different servers

ARender - Upgrade version

Annotation conversion - Throw an exception when the document size is not available

Annotations - Improve conversion from P8 to XFDF

MoveAnnotationContent - Integrate PatternResolver


UI - Refresh map list when new map is created

FileNet - Fix document file-in folder

PatternResolver - Usage now supported in Source tasks

Data - Fix content serialization when empty

JSTransform - Prevent file to be locked after read operation

New feature

UI - Reach specific results on Explorer Place when clicking on task counters (OK and KO)


Tasks configuration - Fix issue when saving ‘Specific Content Settings’

Map - Switch to new map on duplicate

UI - Punnet differentiator in Explorer Place