Fast2 release notes - Version 2.2.0


Random source : ease configuration for # of punnets to generate

Link name is ahead the catalog

Update icons for release 2.2.0

Scroll on the result of the explorer place

Clarify button retry punnet usage

Clean and refactor MoveContent task

Overhaul of config place

CSVSource : allow user to force document ID

Shared Object converter now allows creating Global Shared Object

Tasks after a retried punnet must have superseded status too

Change default port for embedded ES and Kibana

Model base will contain constants classes

Broker must be by default in UTF8 encoding under Windows

S3Extractor : Support ContinuationToken for search cumulative iteration


Filenet : Force user even if it does not exist in destanation domain

FileNet : retrievalName should be attached to the content

Rework the local content creator part for tasks


Queues not accessible from the Configuration view before execution

If fast2 bind port is already in use (1789), prevent launching

CSVPunnetList : value with double quote is not processed correctly


Scroll on punnet popup in ExplorerPlace not possible