Fast2 release notes - Version 2.12.0

What’s up ?

The 2.12.0 version is the last minor version before the next major one !!!

Thanks to your feedback, bugfix has been our priority. A lot of evolutions have still been done.

You will find a new EmbeddedDBSource connector, better quality of tasks and the Explorer Place.

And much more !
Details below…



Security: Upgrade minor versions of dependencies

EntropicPersistent: Campaigns run well on same queue even if one of them is deleted

Json punnet: Single universal format during serialization to support all metadata format

Json punnet: Improve serialization robustness and retrocompatibility

Solved Issue

Database: Internal Opensearch supports Date-type metadata

Startup: Receive a reasonable number of warning logs when jcmd is not found

Map update: “Date modified” in local is updating only when map is modified (and not when it is used)


New feature

New: EmbeddedDBSource, a source for our embedded OpenSearch


AlterDocumentProperties: Add boolean to delete old properties

FlowerInjector: Flower connection provider is multi-thread safe

FlowerInjector: Have a whitelist of document properties to inject

Solved Issue

CSV Source: Parse special characters correctly

LocalSource : Parse a JSON file with special characters correctly

FlowerInjector: Supports multi thread with components

IDMISContentExtractor: Update ImageServices extractor for Fast2 2.x

wkHtmlToPdfConverter: Better conversion robustness


DctmContentExtractor: Fix memory management to support big amount of documents

LocalSource: Recover the possibility to configure the task with relative path

Map construction

New feature

Scheduler: Configure maximum number of job executions from the UI


Scheduler & Email: Standardize fields creation behavior

Solved Issue

Link condition: Incorrect configuration sends errors and broker does not freeze anymore

Scheduler: Active box not available before job creation anymore

Scheduler: job, wait the end of a campaign to start a new one (no overlapping)


Queue: Place refresh and update issues are fixed

Run & Explore Data


Dashboard: Fetch lighter minimal build for OpenSearch Dashboards package

Email: Display relevant information in campaign statistics report

Explorer Place: Add documentId in CSV downloaded from step results

Explorer pop-up: Improve the display of XML punnet

Punnet Tracker: Sort PunnetContext list by previous punnet context ID strengthens the backwork

Solved Issue

Database: Backwards compatibility solved with “Run” prefixed renamed “Try” for campaigns

Explorer pop-up: Tooltip “History Punnet” updated to “Punnet Tracker”

Punnet Tracker: Track order issue is fixed with Exception punnets

Punnet Tracker: Stop at the end of the workflow


Explorer Place: Complex data structure is properly present in the downloaded CSV

And other minor improvements…

🧐 Known issues to be fixed

  • Catalog: Collapse with filter does not work with odd number of letters (identified in v2.9.0)

  • Retry punnets: Exception raised when doing a retry on task-n after a retry on task-(n+1) (identified in v2.9.0)

  • Logs: At Broker startup, ACR log level is debug (identified in v2.10.0)

  • Startup: Difficulties to do a cold restart after Fast2 crash (identified in v2.10.0)